Tuesday, October 29, 2013

DNAinfo Stoops Down in Public Relations Hackery

Hack Writer Emily Morris Spreads Cotton Candy About Ineffective "Top Cop"

Just read the above for some mindless drivel masquerading as serious journalism.

DNAinfo Scoops Increasingly Pathetic Sun-Times Entertainment Staff

Time was, the Chicago Sun-Times had a top-notch staff for covering local entertainment.  Things have gotten so bad with poorly conceived budget cuts, not to mention promoting hack writers into positions of responsibility, that the CST cannot keep up with low budget efforts such as DNAinfo Chicago.

Case in point:  the historic Patio Theater that is converting from showing new garbage from Hollywood to showing classic films from yesteryear.  You would think that the CST would be all over this story given the Patio's historic stature and importance in Chicago entertainment history.

Nope.  Neither the CST or its pathetic "competition" the Chicago Tribune have covered the Patio Theater and its troubles, leaving the story all to the electronic medium.

DNAinfo Chicago Scoops CST on John Dillinger Bike Tour

John Dillinger Bike Tour

As if to show just how lazy and/or undermanned the CST local news team is, a month ago, DNAinfo Chicago published a most interesting story pertaining Chicago's seamy underside and tourists' interest in that history.  A full month later, the CST has yet to respond with an article of its own.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Jim Bowman scores CST Hackery

The incomparable Chicago press critic Jim Bowman has recently scored a hit on the CST's shameless promotion of the Tawana Brawley-enabling Al Sharpton.  Click on the link to read Bowman's critique.

For the original CST story, here it is.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Mark Potash, Public Relations Hack

The Bears have been playing poorly this season.  This is the worst 4-2 team that anybody can remember watching.

Don't tell that to Mark Potash.  The dimwitted Bears "sportswriter" is just another Public Relations flack pretending to be a serious journalist.  He talks about "image repair" and how the team wants to "set record straight."  That last quote came but 2 days before the Bears humiliated themselves before the fans at Soldier Field by narrowly outlasting the lowly New York Giants.

Mark Potash, what a piece of work.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lori Rackl Sportswriter

Lately, CST TV Reviewer Lori Rackl has entered Sports writing from a TV perspective.  Sometime ago she reviewed Jay Cutler's performance on a stupid TV show and found him to be "funny."  More recently she has written about the Blackhawks surprising TV ratings.  This may seem like the sort of stuff that TV writers would normally do, but at the CST, TV writers have feared to tread on the Sports staff who , in turn, have never been interested in such things.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Lori Rackl's Disappointing Column on the 2013 Emmy Awards

The Emmy Awards are all over and done with, but what stands out as most disappointing is Lori Rackl's race based coverage.  Instead of going for color blindness, Rackl chose to go for the racial jugular implying that black actresses such as Kerry Washington are so inferior to white actresses such as Claire Danes that they need to be awarded the Emmy Award solely for just showing up on the ballot.

Indeed, Rackl says that Danes is "amazing" in her role, but Washington deserved to win solely because of her skin color.

Lori Rackl, racist.  Who would have guessed?

What a real piece of work Rackl has become.