Monday, September 30, 2013

DNAInfo Scoops the Daily Rags on Stanley Cup Visits


Here's a quote from the piece in question:

The Cup wound its way through seven of the 31 businesses along Clark Street that were damaged by raucous crowds celebrating the Hawks Stanley Cup victory in late June.
It was a sign of sportsmanship by the Hawks. As one resident put it, a "sportsmanship tour."

If this does not show that the Blackhawks are a classy outfit, then I don't know what does.

Cross-poated at the Chicago Blackhawks Reporter:

Sunday, September 29, 2013

CST Has Abandoned Canine Coverage for Hollywood Celebrities

Once again, DNAInfo Chicago has scooped the CST.  And has done in one of the CST's strong points:  canine coverage.  Time was the CST ran the popular, not to mention excellent Ask Dog Lady column.  Due to the CST's increasing obsession with Hollywood celebrities, quality services such as Canine Massage Chicago get the short shrift as do dog owners.

Monday, September 23, 2013

DNAInfo Scoops CST on Rahm's "safe passage routes."

Source Material:

On September 11th, Erin Meyer of DNAImfo reported that Willie Robinson, 54, was arrested by the CPD for selling ammunition along one of Mayor Rahm's much vaunted school "safe passage routes."  The CST has failed to report this story despite the fact that many of its readers would be interested in it.  

Bias is found in nt only the way that stories are written, but also in which subjects are approved for publication in the first place.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

DNAInfo Covers Closing of Community Fixture, Weeks Later the CST Still Has Not Even Noticed it

Check Out DNAInfo's Coverage of the Closing of Marie's Riptide Lounge in Bucktown and ask yourself this:  Why has the CST failed to cover this important story?  Is it incompetence, laziness or even worse?

Then ask yourself, why even bother reading the CST in the first place when you can get your news online free of charge?

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mark Lazerus is a Lamer

With the new hockey season upon us comes the fact that the management of the Chicago Sun-Times has once again seen fit to afflict us all with the lame Mark Lazerus as its hockey writer.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Paul Stepan, Racist

In an earlier post we recounted how the CST covered up the sheer evil of Paul Stepan.  Since then, we have learned that it was even worse than that.  Stepan used his connections with such leading Democrats as both Mayor Daleys, Dick Devine, Gov. Blago, Patrick Quinn, Michael Madigan and many others such as the late sci-fi writer Frederik Pohl, an activist Democrat in his own right, to further a distinctly racist agenda.  This is the same agenda that Mayor Rahm has embraced as if it were his very own.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Monday, September 9, 2013

Chicago-based Spikeball Sweeping the nation, but not at the Sun-Yimes


Read the above linked to  blog post and you will learn far more about Spikebal than what the Sun-Times has told its readers.

CST Whitewashed Frederik Pohl Obituary

When the cheap hack sci-fi writer Frederik Pohl passed away last September 2 2013, hardly any science fiction fans mourned his passing.  Those who knew Pohl were well aware of just what a hyprocrite he was. For instance, he claimed to be against racism, yet he was deeply prejudicial against nonwhite people.  He never knowingly accepted the work of anyone who was not white.  The one and only time he accepted the work of a black person, Samuel R. Delaney, came when Delaney was unknown and Pohl accepted the man's fiction, not realizing that it was by a black man.  Pohl never made that mistake again, insisting that all those who submitted work include a photograph of themselves.  Pohl claimed that this was so he could gaze into the sriter's "soul," but everyone who knew him knew otherwise.

The CST called Pohl a "progressive" which is how elitist Liberals like to style themselves nowadays.  Pohl was an elitist shoe claimed to be open minded, yet was as deeply prejudicial, if not more so, than any of those "reactionaries" that he claimed to despise.

Frederik Pohl will not be missed.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Conversation with Malhavoc March 18, 2003

Conversation with Malhavoc, Leader of the allied Shadow Knights, March 18th, 2003:

237067810: (1:14 AM) I went and got ICQ, this should
help communication a little.

Chuck: (1:15 AM) Great.

malhavoc_tdzk: (1:16 AM) Jewel is still sitting at
that port.

malhavoc_tdzk: (1:16 AM) I should have killed him when
I had the chance. I could have kicked him off the
planet and shot him.

Chuck: (1:16 AM) yes. Do you want me to send you
Jer'le post about JLP?

malhavoc_tdzk: (1:17 AM) I saw it. The huge long one?

Chuck: (1:17 AM) made today

malhavoc_tdzk: (1:17 AM) He made one today? K, send
it over.

Chuck: (1:19 AM) 1st: Jerle on Jewel:


Player id #1657
Login: jeweladdict
Pilot Name: Jewel

Player id #1669
Login: -=Jewel=-
Pilot Name: Jeweladdict

Player id #1681
Login: bigdaddy
Pilot Name: Big Daddy

All three created very close to each other, all three
using jeweladdict in the email address. As far as I
can tell, Big Daddy rarely sends messages or posts
anything. You can see why the system would detect
that, and why I'm suspicious.

Can you explain the third account? It's carrying HF

malhavoc_tdzk: (1:23 AM) So why is he still around

Chuck: (1:24 AM) Because he posted a photo to the HF
Forum purporting to be of him and his brothers,

Chuck: (1:25 AM) Jerle backed down, but that email
addy stuff........I wouldn't ahve backed down like

Chuck: (1:25 AM) RobVanDam: (1:00 AM) oh he has a bro!
look at the pic!!

RobVanDam: (1:00 AM) [/sarcasm]

Chuck: (1:27 AM) Aeon: Among the HF ranks I'm just a
normal member. Hype has been banned from within TDZK,
but I respect your view on his membership status. If
you think that expulsion is unmerited, so be it.
Disciplinary action would still be in order though.

Hype: I know why you went on your rampage, but that
doesn't justify it.

Jewel: I am willing to review your case again, but
from what I've checked out so far it doesn't look

Also, on the "brother alibi" issue, the guy from the
other alliance contacted me. This may be of interest
to some people.

<JeanLucPicard> My account was wrongly deleted. I
don't know what to do about it, other than to talk to
an admin

<JeanLucPicard> I am not a multi and your new
"software" has deleted me mistakenly

<Jerle> You have not been deleted. We don't delete
accounts, so possible mistakes can be corrected.

<JeanLucPicard> ok

<JeanLucPicard> how can i get my account back?

<Jerle> If you give me your player id #, I can look in
the log and see why you were flagged.

<JeanLucPicard> i think i was 498

<JeanLucPicard> 498

<I take 5 minutes to go log-crawling>

<Jerle> I'm sorry, but after a review of your account,
I do indeed view it as a multi. You are in posession
of Jean Luc Picard, and Locutus of Borg.

<JeanLucPicard> my brother is Locutus of Borg

<Jerle> There are a number of factors which
substatiate this, the least of which being the fact
that they are in the same alliance and share similar

<JeanLucPicard> and my other brother is Leutenant Worf

<Jerle> Yes, but there is also one other problem.

<JeanLucPicard> check our email addy's we set it up so
that we would not wrongly be accused

<JeanLucPicard> my names Marcus

<JeanLucPicard> my brother is Michael

<JeanLucPicard> and Worf is Logan

<Jerle> Every message ever sent within TDZK is logged.
We normally don't review them, but since you asked me
to look at your case, I traced all messages sent by


<Jerle> In a message dated 03/15/03 14:01:21 EST, you
admitted to being a multi.

<Jerle> Thank you for alloweing me to review your
case, I can now lock the worf account that our
detection missed.

<JeanLucPicard> i see

<JeanLucPicard> will i be able to recreate my Picard

<JeanLucPicard> starting over?

<Jerle> Frankly, I'm not sure. I don't take kindly to
people who serve up bald-faced lies to me.

<JeanLucPicard> I understand

<JeanLucPicard> well when you make a decision, please
email me at, at your earliest

<JeanLucPicard> sorry for wasting your time

<JeanLucPicard> but i felt i had to try

<JeanLucPicard> i apologize, and meant no harm

<JeanLucPicard> bye

Chuck: (1:28 AM) I'll post it to the in-game alliance
forum too.

malhavoc_tdzk: (1:28 AM) Wow, long post.

malhavoc_tdzk: (1:29 AM) Why not just put a link to
it? The in-game forums should stay unclutterd.

Chuck: (1:29 AM) ok, but its in a monster 56 post
locked thread.

Chuck: (1:30 AM)

Chuck: (1:30 AM) The HF leadership treated it like a
joke.......I'm very disappointed.

malhavoc_tdzk: (1:31 AM) Yeah, it makes people wonder.

malhavoc_tdzk: (1:31 AM) I thought HF was supposed to
have really strict rules on how to deal with rogue

Chuck: (1:32 AM) Yes it is......I know of 3 members
who were expelled just for saying the wrong things on
the forum or in IRC

malhavoc_tdzk: (1:34 AM) I hope your leadership can
figure it out.

malhavoc_tdzk: (1:34 AM) Not much you can do if the
big guys won't listen though.

Chuck: (1:36 AM) Part of the problem is that most of
the leadership have never ever played BBG's and hence
don't understand how bad multing is.

Chuck: (1:37 AM) From what I see the issue is BLOWN
OUT OF PROPORTION and a few of you are out for blood.
That being said, I understand how this will effect
possible 'war' within the game with IR and that is
something that we want to prevent. This should not be
a problem as the member has been banned from TDZK for

malhavoc_tdzk: (1:38 AM) I've seen pieces of what's on
the HF forum.

malhavoc_tdzk: (1:38 AM) I make it a point to know my
allies well.

Chuck: (1:39 AM) Up until now, didn't you have a high
opinion of HF?

malhavoc_tdzk: (1:39 AM) Yes, I did. I still think
that as a whole HF is good, but this doesn't really
merit a 'favorable' opinion from me.

malhavoc_tdzk: (1:40 AM) Kind of makes me wonder.

Chuck: (1:41 AM) I've been talking to RobVanDam, a
former long time member who left recently on the
really screwy things that's happened behind the

malhavoc_tdzk: (1:44 AM) Have you reported Jewel's
attempts to kill you yet?

malhavoc_tdzk: (1:44 AM) I won't always be online to
help guard.

Chuck: (1:45 AM) Think that would make a difference?

malhavoc_tdzk: (1:45 AM) Nor will I always be in this
tank of a battleship. I plan to ditch this thing as
soon as we successfully raid.

malhavoc_tdzk: (1:45 AM) I think it couldn't hurt.

Chuck: (1:45 AM) Confidential: I'm going to look for
a multi-game clan that would be willing to take in the
HF/TDZK as a clan.

Chuck: (1:48 AM) In most clans, they don't have this
recruitment period nonsense. But, if a member screws
up, out he goes without all this self-serving drivel
about how superior their standards are.

malhavoc_tdzk: (1:49 AM) Would that also not violate
your own HF rules though?

malhavoc_tdzk: (1:49 AM) I remember something about
mergers being prohibited unless it was into HF. You
suggested that I merge into HF1 (which I am still
considering, especially in the light of what's been
going on)

Chuck: (1:50 AM) Possibly, but there have been 2 big
secessions from HF the past 3 years.

Chuck: (1:52 AM) Did you know that Jewel is in big
legal trouble over illegally distributing movies and
stuff on the internet?

malhavoc_tdzk: (1:52 AM) Yes, I heard.

Chuck: (1:53 AM) The HF leadership doesn't seem to see
anything wrontg with that either.

malhavoc_tdzk: (1:56 AM) Well, that's sort of crossing
over into the personal area.

malhavoc_tdzk: (1:56 AM) A dicey place to explore.

Chuck: (1:58 AM) Did you read the Jerle post I ICQ's
you earlier?

Chuck: (2:00 AM) Yes, but there are parallels between
the way he's acting over the multi stuff and the
copyright violations......he's in denial basically.
Thinks they are dumb laws or something.

Chuck: (2:18 AM) Anything from Iron Ring? I haven't
heard a word from them.

malhavoc_tdzk: (2:18 AM) Neither have I. They seem to
have thought it was just a rogue member.

malhavoc_tdzk: (2:18 AM) Which it was.

Chuck: (2:19 AM) HYper was far more serious minded in
going after Iron Ring than when he was in the Friday
night operation.

Chuck: (2:21 AM) Any ideas for Dark Realms?

malhavoc_tdzk: (2:23 AM) I was actually about to ask
you for your opinion.

Chuck: (2:28 AM) I's want to touch base with the new
HF1 leader, Bakito, Reaver and Omega Renegade on it

Chuck: (2:29 AM) Omega Renegade ins the leader of the
HF in SMR and he'll start laying TDZK soon. HF under
the name of "Omega's Renegades" is the No. #1 alliance
in SMR NG #6.

malhavoc_tdzk: (2:30 AM) I tried a round of SMR. It
didn't really appeal to me. That's good if you've got
more experienced people coming over though.

malhavoc_tdzk: (2:31 AM) I'm going to step up my
recuirtment some more, with the thing over my
sub-commander being a multi, and a few inactive

Chuck: (2:31 AM) SMR is a pale ripoff of the original
Space Merchant. Didn't see any real reaction on the
SK forum about the recent events. Any feedback from
your members?

malhavoc_tdzk: (2:32 AM) Yeah, I've been getting a lot
of PMs.

Chuck: (2:33 AM) Any doubt on the membership's part on
the fitfulness of HF as an ally?

malhavoc_tdzk: (2:33 AM) Hmm, some are curious, but
we've still been fairly happy with our relationship so

malhavoc_tdzk: (2:34 AM) I see no reason to impair
relations over this.

Chuck: (2:28 AM) I's want to touch base with the new
HF1 leader, Bakito, Reaver and Omega Renegade on it

Chuck: (2:29 AM) Omega Renegade ins the leader of the
HF in SMR and he'll start laying TDZK soon. HF under
the name of "Omega's Renegades" is the No. #1 alliance
in SMR NG #6.

malhavoc_tdzk: (2:30 AM) I tried a round of SMR. It
didn't really appeal to me. That's good if you've got
more experienced people coming over though.

malhavoc_tdzk: (2:31 AM) I'm going to step up my
recuirtment some more, with the thing over my
sub-commander being a multi, and a few inactive

Chuck: (2:31 AM) SMR is a pale ripoff of the original
Space Merchant. Didn't see any real reaction on the
SK forum about the recent events. Any feedback from
your members?

malhavoc_tdzk: (2:32 AM) Yeah, I've been getting a lot
of PMs.

Chuck: (2:33 AM) Any doubt on the membership's part on
the fitfulness of HF as an ally?

malhavoc_tdzk: (2:33 AM) Hmm, some are curious, but
we've still been fairly happy with our relationship so

malhavoc_tdzk: (2:34 AM) I see no reason to impair
relations over this.

Chuck: (2:34 AM) Take it that you were really
surprised to find out that JLP was a multi?

malhavoc_tdzk: (2:35 AM) I was. He was starting to
get annoying, but I didn't think he was a cheater. I
kind of respected him.

Chuck: (2:37 AM) I was really surprised with Jewel. I
kind of knew about the legal stuff and noticed that he
and his brother ween't ever in the game at the same
time, same with being on IRC, but it never really
crossed my mind that he might be a multi. In
retrospect, it seems obvious.

Chuck: (2:41 AM) Jerle hit the nail on the head.

malhavoc_tdzk: (2:43 AM) I'll try to post up plans for
another raid tommorow.

malhavoc_tdzk: (2:43 AM) In the meantime, perhaps you
can coordinate the mine campaign?

Chuck: (2:43 AM) ok...thanks. I'll try. HF/TDZK is
in turmoil right now,

malhavoc_tdzk: (2:47 AM) I'll see what I can do to
help stablilize things tommorow.
malhavoc_tdzk: (2:47 AM) I'm gone for the night

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The CST's Trashing of John Philbin

Truly the CST's hatred of labor unions knows no bounds.  Earlier this year, the CST hailed the late Michael Wood of the Mafia-controlled Boilermaker's Union as being a "union president," despite the fact that he was the scum of the earth..  In the Ausust 11, 2013 issue of the CST, hapless hack writer Casey Toner trashed the late John Philbin of the Chicago Mailer's Union as being a "union boss."  This despite the complete lack of evidence linking Philbin to nay kind of corruption or to any sort of Mafia ties.  You see, Philbin represented employees of the CST and the CST big shots resented him for that and literally could not wait for him to be buries before they could trash him.

Shane ib the CST and clueless hack writer Casey Toner.

Monday, September 2, 2013

CST Trashes Labor Unions One Day Before Labor Day

Paul Kersey of the "non-partisan" Illinois Policy Institute is a union-hating hack writer.  Worse, he trashes the freedom to work  movement that upholds the idea that folks should not be forced to join unions against their will by endorsing it.  Kersey makes it clear that he hates working class people and the unions that represent them.  For instance, he makes the baseless assertion that unions were responsible for 760 workers being laid off at Caterpillar.  He conveniently leaves out the facts that Caterpillar has been reaping record profits and its CEO has been rolling in luxury to the tune of $18 Mil. a year.  However, Kersey makes it clear that he believes that it is wrong for the workers whose hard work and sacrifice made it possible for the company to reap such large profits and CEO to live in such luxurious splendor to share in the wealth themselves.  Kersey believes that blue collar workers are all scum who deserve nothing except a kick in the head and to be looked down and spit upon.

And yet the Chicago Sun-Times pollutes its ages by giving this jackass a soapbox to expound his anti-working class hatred.

Shame on the CST.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Roswell & the Everlasting Shame of the "Mainstream Media"

In early July 1947, something crashed near the U.S. Air Force base at Roswell, New Mexico.  Officially, it was a weather balloon.  However, there were folks in the community as well at the base itself who believed that something from another world had crashed at Roswell instead.

What happened next was nothing short of bizarre.  The Air Force Chief of Staff personally flew all the way from Washington, D.C., to check out the scene.  He then personally supervised both the cleaning up of the wreckage and the subsequent transportation of the wreckage 1,700 miles across the USA all the way to an Air Force base in Ohio.  There the wreckage was placed in a hangar, Hangar #18 to be precise.   Once done, the wreckage completely disappeared from the official record.  There is not even so much as a single surviving document that even so much as mentions  the wreckage after i was placed inside Hangar #18.  .

As you can tell, the official story just simply does not make any sense.  If the wreckage was simply that of a mere weather balloon, then why did the U.S. Air Force go to all this hassle?  Why is there no further mention of this wreckage even though it was transported over nearly 2,000 miles?  These questions, and many others, have bothered a great many folks who believe, with good reason, that the U.S. Government has not been honest with them.

And what was the role of the so-called "Mainstream Media" including the Chicago Sun-Times?  It has unmercifully trashed all those who dare to ask questions of what the U.S. Government has done in their name, with their hard earned taxpayer dollars.  You see, anyone who does not automatically drink the Official Kool-Aid is a "crackpot" whose ideas have no merit whatsoever.

And then the "Mainstream Media" wonders just why they have so little credibility in the eyes of the American people.

Hotaru's Resignation from House Forsaken & its Aftermath

Hotaru's Resignation from House Forsaken:

True Brother
Joined: 24 Apr 2001
Posts: 138
Location: Taenarian Orbit
Posted: Mon Mar 24, 2003 4:46 pm Post subject: House
Forsaken member resignation.

I am officially resigning my status as a member of
House Forsaken. I have met many friends here, but I
must take my leave now.

I've never been really good at being subtle, so I'll
be blunt. I can't stand to be affiliated with a house
that cannot fulfill its own rules. In light of recent
events, this is the first time in my three years of
membership that I have been ashamed of being a member
of this community, and since nothing seems to be in
the works as a solution, I bid you all adieu.

You all know where I am if you ever want to talk.

Reply | Delete

Hotaru's resignation from HF was followed up by this by Pinkus aka Krioni, the head of the Browser Based Gaming Realm:

crector and hotaru were actually upducted
from their beds and brainwashed. Thats why they are

As for my "leaving" that did not come about until 5 days later when I was formally expelled from HF under the direct orders of HF's Founder-Leader UsuRpeR who made an incredibly vitriolic post, that among other things, claimed that I was 100 times worse than Hitler. I really wanted remain in HF at least until TDZK would reset when I would form a new alliance and take as many of the HF recruits from SMR & TDZK as I could with me. By the time of my expulsion, I was already talking to many of these recruits such as Bakito, Bink, Chaortis, Desert Fox, Dragonte & Sgili, conversations that would eventually lead to the founding of the Knights of the Galaxy (KOG).

However, the KOG is another story for another time.

House Forsaken in TDZK Before the Scandal

A little known fact is that the great browser based game TDZK that flourished during the years 2001-2007 was created by 2 members of the House Forsaken multi-game clan, Jerle & Hotaru. Both of these worthies had been members of the House Forsaken alliance in Space Merchant that played under the name of the "Trex Mercenaries." TDZK was inspired by Space Merchant and was soon a much better game than what SM ever was. However, there was a problem: getting their follow HF members into the game. Back in the Fall of 2001, in one of TDZK's earliest rounds, if not in fact its very first round, there was a Top Ten ranked HF alliance under StormFire aka the longtime #3 guy in all of HF. HF then failed to maintain an alliance in TDZK for over a year.

Finally, after some prodding from Jerle & Hotaru I decided to take HF into TDZK. To do that I first had to resign as the in-game leader of the HF alliance in SMR and hand over the position to my talented protege there, Omega Renegade. Then I posted to both the HF Browser Based Gaming (BBG) Realm & the General Discussion Forum (GDF) about taking HF back into TDZK. Posting on the GDF proved to be a mixed blessing since while it attracted a number of talented players to the game, it also attracted the interest of a senior HF member named Jewel who proved to be both a cheater as well an incredibly ineffective alliance leader and an idiot to boot.

However, the HF alliance initially thrived. For instance it moved up in the alliance rankings from #49 to #39 in just one day. Meanwhile, our close allies the Shadow Knights (SK's) under Malhavoc also moved up the alliance rankings from #65 to #42 in just about one day was well. Recruiting went so well that we set up a new alliance, House Forsaken 2, that served as a recruit/training alliance. I decided to make myself the leader of HF2. I still remained the overall leader of the HF forces in TDZK. My preference for the leadership of the main HF alliance was an experienced veteran of BBG's such as either DarkFlare or DracoLichB, however both declined the honor. Since Jewel really wanted that position and his shortcomings were not yet apparent, he was picked.

Both of the House Forsaken alliances along with the SK's rapidly became a force to be reckoned with. According to my notebook from this time (Yes I still have my gaming notebooks from such games as Diaspora, Dominion, Merchant Empires, Planetarion, Quest for Yap, Solar Empire, Space Merchant & SM's wretched "close clone" SMR & SpaceDog's unsuccessful Trade Wars like BBG The Merchant among others. Do you?), the main HF alliance ranked #19 while HF 2 ranked #22 and the SK's ranked #28. However disaster struck in mid-March, 2003, Jerle informed me on ICQ (In a conv that I inexplicably failed to cut & paste to email) that he had, and not for the first time, caught both Hyperion & Jewel running multi's. On top of that, he also caught Hyperion right in the act in some other act of something even worse than mere cheating: Hyperion was using his multi-account in a childish attempt to start a war between the HF/SK forces and a powerful alliance called Iron Ring. And this despite the fact that we were already in a war with the powerful Dark Realms alliance.

It was at precisely this point that everything went to Hell.