Tuesday, July 30, 2013

CST Wants Chicago to Become Another Detroit

Even by the CST's standards, the editorial in the July 24th issue was pretty bizarre.  Despite the example of Detroit, the CST demanded massive tax increases just to save the jobs of wretched bureaucrats and alleged public school teachers whose poor performance is what's responsible for the poor performance of the Chicago Public Schools.

In other words, the CST wants ordinary decent working class folks to may massively higher taxes for the enrichment of yuppie scum.

Truly, Chicago is headed in the direction of becoming another Detroit.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

CST Conveniently Leaves Out Part of the Dennis Farina Story

The Chicago Sun-Times has been running quite a bit of material about the late beloved actor Dennis Farina.   However, there is one thing that has been quite conveniently left out of the coverage:  Farina's politics were well to the right and he was a Republican.  This from a newspaper that has long published the political affiliation of GOP politicians who get into trouble while conveniently never mentioning it whenever Democrats are scandal afflicted.  There have even been times when  Democrats have become embroiled in scandal and the CST has misidentified them as being Republicans.

And to think that the CST calls itself an "independent newspaper" when in fact  it is partisan to the point of refusing to print the truth about the dearly departed.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

CST Failed to Report on Chicagoans Opposing the Homosexual "Pride" Parade

The CST has seriously messed up its coverage of the homosexual wacko scene.  According to DNAinfo, city residents are completely fed up with the annual display of homosexual hatred of normal folks. The article by Serena Dai also documented the numerous crimes committed by lesbians on the so-called "Pride Day". However, the CST has failed to recognize that its continual pandering to the homosexuals is alienating it fro m the normal people of Illinois.  Consequently, it has failed to report on this remarkable topic.

If the CST should eventually die, its shameless pandering to the lesbians will be a major reason why.

Friday, July 12, 2013

CST Drops Book Coverage

In yet another blunder, the CST has just decided what little remains of its book reviews.  This is stupid because people who read newspapers are folks who love reading.  Such folks are keenly interested in reading books and magazines.  If publishers want to hold on to readers, then they need to offer coverage of the publishing scene.  Having no book reviews is a sure way to alienate such readers and hasten the day of no more CST.

And yet the CST leadership continues to believe that its readers are only interested in mindless entertainment and have no intellectual interests whatsoever.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

MIchael Nagrant Deserts the Sun-Times

The late Pat Bruno's successor as the CST's main restaurant critic (the other is Thomas Witom who has not been seen in print in a long time), Michael Nagrant has just jumped ship.  He is going to the evil  Tribsters' lackluster Redeye rag.  The fact that Nagrant would stoop to the level of going to the Redeye instead of remaining at the CST speaks volumes of what he believes the CST's chances of surviving in Obama's economy are.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lori Rackl Back from Europe

CST readers have noticed that TV writer Lori Rackl has been missing for some time and thought that perhaps her time was up.  Turns out that she has been vacationing in Europe, has returned and is getting back into the swing of writing for the CST.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Unusually Fair and Balanced PIece on Racial Divide Amongst Chicago Police.

In the June 30th CST, Frank Main wrote an unusually fair minded article about two police families, one white and the other black, who are at loggerheads.  At issue, should the brother of black cop Tyrone Sharp  be paroled for the 1970 murder of Officer Kenneth Kaner?  Usually, the CST would run a thinly veiled editorial about how racist and evil white people, especially copw are.  The CST would also insinuate that Bruce Sharp was tortured into confessing.

It would appear that now that the CST is in financial straits, it is being forced to operate in a fair/balanced manner to attract white support instead of its usually racially inflammatory machinations.  

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

CST Pushes Homosexual Marriage

To nobody's  surprise, the CST has been pushing the homosexual marriage line and has suppressed all dissenting points of view.

When the CST finally goes down for the count, this week may be remembered as when it jumped the shark for the paper's Christian readers.