Saturday, August 31, 2013

Rolling Stone's Questionable Piece About Aaron Hernandez

While its true that Aaron Hernandez is a disgraceful person, Rolling Stone is even worse.  The terrorist-loving magazine has just come out with a sleazy article about Hernandez that the Boston Globe has found to be riddled with factual inaccuracies, if not outright lies.

Basically the RS trash piece claimed that Hernandez wasa heavy duty Angel Dust user and that Patriots Coach Bill Belichek both knowingly and willfully aided and abetted Hernandez's drug addiction and other crimes.

Articles like these are a disgrace to sports writing.  Rolling Stone needs to be put out of business the sooner the better.

The CST's Predictable Elitist Liberalism

One of the worst, though most persistent, aspects of the CST is its all too predictable elitist Liberalism.  Time and time again, the CST runs biased "news" articles on such subjects as abortion, gun control, homosexuality, stuff making the Chicago Fire & Police departments look bad and other controversial subjects in which the only quoted sources are those that take the positions of the CST Editorial Page.  Dissent from Liberalism is verboten in the CST to the point that even the one and only non-Liberal columnist, Steve Huntley, is careful not to offend any of his Liberal superiors.

One recent example of came in the Aug. 17th issue of the CST in the form of an article by former Fox News producer Jordan Chariton that claimed that the #1 ranked FNC owed its dominance to its following among senile old people.  Chariton claimed that unless FNC moved to the left and became no different than the other news networks, then FNC was doomed to die once those allegedly senile old folks died.

Once again, the CST pushing the notion that only Liberals can be considered intelligent, that all Conservatives are stupid or worse and that only by embracing the left wing, can one hope to have any lasting success.

CST Will Likely Gloat over Tebow's NFL Career Ending While NFL Continues Loading up on Hardened Criminals

If there is one thing that has been consistent over the CST's sports pages its the overwhelming hatred of Tim Tebow.  Tebow, you see, is a good Christian and, according to the sports writers, that's a bad thing.  No, only criminals should be allowed to play pro sports while the sportswriters wring their hands and pretend that they are bothered by all the steroids use going on.  Come Sunday and later on, there will be gloating over Tebow's demise by the likes of Hub Arkush & the 2 Ricks.

Meanwhile, there will be sadness amongst those who still cling to the belief that pro sports players ought to be role models for the youth of America.

The best comment from a sports website on the demise of Tebow's NFL career:

"It's too bad there seems to be no place in pro football for Tebow. We are too busy signing thugs steroid users and murderers. Pro sports has lost it's character."

Friday, August 30, 2013

Mary Mitchell Strikes Again

Once again, in the August 25th 2013 issue of the CST, has once again pushed vile black racist propaganda.  This coming from the woman who once claimed that the reason that hard working folks were against tax increases was due to "racism."  This time around, she joined in the cynical exploitation of 9 year old Asean Johnson for purely partisan purposes.  Johnson was forced to read a speech consisting of words that no 9 year old could ever understand at tbhe 50th Anniversary of the so-called March on Washington that was originally carried out by the infamous adulterer Martin Luther King.

Shame on Mitchell for this cynical act.

CST Fulfills Rahm's Bidding

Say this much for the CST:  Even as the circulation constantly declines, it remains slavishly devoted to pushing Mayor Rahm's agenda.  Rahm Emanuel has been working feverishly to trash the Fraternal Order of Police and its stalwart leader Mike Shields.  The CST routinely calls Shields a "union boss" without ever providing any proof that Shields has ever been any kind of tyrant or has in any way been corrupt i his handling of union business.

Shame on the CST nincompoops for their repeated violation of journalistic integrity regarding the police.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Chicago Theater Review Scandal

One of the areas in which the Chicago news media, including the CST,  is at its most deficient is that of local theater reviews. Basically, there has been little effort made to review local productions. Instead, the only plays that have much of a chance of getting a review are big budget productions that come directly from Broadway. Even many of those never get reviewed. The only way that a local production has a chance of getting reviewed is if a member of the local media is involved with it.

The irony of all this is that Chicago news media types, such as radio talk show hosts, are always complaining about how “uncultured” Chicagoans are. Well, these media types should get out of the building, smell the flowers and check out the local cultural offerings. However, since it is always pleasing to the egos of the elitist pigs to dump on Chicago and the people of Chicago, do not expect anything like this to happen soon, if ever.

Either the CST's so-called "theater critic" Hedy Weiss should get off her duff or the paper's management should show her out the door.  Don't hold your breath for that to happen though.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Aaron Swartz Was a Real Scumbag

Hacking is the same thing as breaking and entering one's home. As Declan McCullough wrote back in the late 1990's, there is no such thing as "hacktivism", only vandalism.

What gets me about this case is the way that his father has been acting. He talks as if MIT committed a great sin by alerting law enforcement to his son's crimes.

He was recently the subject of an article in the Chicago Sun-Times as saying that MIT needed to apologize for its actions and to do what his son wanted them to do: make journal articles and academic journals free of charge. Given the fact that academic journals are pretty expensive to publish, if they were made free, pretty soon there would be no more academic journals around.

Aaron Swartz was a scumbag no different than kidnappers and other kinds of violent hoodlums.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

House Forsaken is Dead

In the early days of Solar Empre, June-October, 1999 House Forsaken was the mightiest clan in the game.  At least that is until the likes of the Evil Empire, TalkHouse & the Trex Mercenaries showed up.  Even then, HF's position was strong enough that in January 2000 SE creator/developer/operator Bryan Livingston awarded them their own SE game that was admined by HF members.  HF was also a multi-game outfit that also had strong clans in other major online games such as at and in Everquest.

However, HF succumbed to hubris and became too big for its britches.  This happened in March, 2003 in the game of  TDZK that was created/developed/operated by HF members Jerle & Hotaru.  In that game 2 HF members, one of whom named Hyperion had played SE under the name of HY and who had originally  been a HF recruit in SE (and if a certain story is true played SE with HF back in late 1999 under the name of -=WindKull=-), were caught brazenly cheating.  In a related incident in the same month, Hyperion committed treason by destroying a HF planet (Planet OMGN).

Since HF prided itself as being a clan that claimed to have honor at the very core of its being and repeatedly used the idea that it was a honorable outfit in its recruiting that was firmly opposed to cheating, one have thought that the HF leadership would have come down hard on the cheaters.  Instead the opposite happened.  The leadership acted as if nothing bad happened and that, if anything, the real culprits were those who brought the cheating to the attention of the clan.  Additionally, the leadership failed to provide even the slightest discipline to Hyperion for his SE treason.

The end result of all this was the mass resignation of almost every member of the HF Browser-Based Gaming Realm (about half of the membership of ) and with that the single most active unit within HF ceased to exist.  From that point on, HF went into a state of decline and fall and after years of being little more than a glorified "forum clan" has ceased to exist.

An Idaho Sports Reporter, Originally from Chicago, of the Sort That the CST Needs

  • About Lip Man 1
    Originally from Chicago, have worked in sports media since 1979.
    Chubbuck, Idaho
    Sports, reading, working on my home.
    Work for Sports Information Office at Idaho State University, also write for the AP and for the Idaho Falls Post Register.
    Sox Fan Since
    Favorite Current Sox Player
    Frank Thomas
    Favorite Past Sox Player
    Carlton Fisk / Luis Aparicio
    Favorite Sox Uniform
    The Glory Days from 1951 through 1964
    Most Cherished Sox Memory
    Dick Allen's HR off Sparkey Lyle in 1972. I was at that DH, his shot in the 9th inning of game #2 brought the house down
    Sox Memorabilia I'm Proudest To Own
    Have actual pinstripe and Black Sunday jerseys and a ball autographed by the 1960 team.
    Favorite Thing About Sox Park
    If your are referring to the "old" Comiskey Park, it was the upper decks in left and right field

Our Very First Comments

Angela Speer <>
1:08 PM (16 hours ago)
to me
Angela Speer has left a new comment on your post "Dump Mona Charen":

Yes, I too have a very big problem with Mona Charen. She recently wrote a very bad article on her visit too Scotland. In this article she painted Scotland and the people of Scotland in a very bad and unfair way. There is a lot taking place in Scotland right now as they work towards regaining their Independence from Great Britain. Clearly, she is very unaware of the issues the Scottish people are facing in trying to regain their Independence. I am an American Scot who is very aware of the issues at hand there in Scotland taking place over the Independence campaign.

Yesterday, I wrote the Chicago Sun Times about my feelings on Miss. Charen's article and about the matters Scotland is facing regarding the Independence campaign. I also told them who I was too Scotland as a American Scot. I am from one of Scotland's oldest Clan families. In a Independent Scotland I would technically be a Clan Princess to the House of Langton. My last name is Cogburn/ Cockburn. My great, great grandfather changed the name from Cockburn to Cogburn.

Now, there is a lot taking place in Scotland at this moment in time. They need American support. I as an American who belongs to this important family has been doing my level best to get the information Scotland has given me regarding the Independence campaign into the American media. I hope the Chicago Sun Times will read the letter I sent them yesterday about how wrong and in distaste Miss. Charen's article was written in. I am in hope that they will take the time to talk too me a person who is much more informed about Scotland and the issues Scotland is facing. If, they for not. I am determined to find someone who will listen

Angela Marie Cogburn

Posted by Angela Speer to Chicago Sun-Times Review at August 21, 2013 at 11:08 AM

Angela Speer <>
1:16 PM (16 hours ago)
to me
Angela Speer has left a new comment on your post "Dump Mona Charen":
Anyone wishing to contact me regarding Scotland and the issues Scotland is facing regarding the campaign for Independence you can do so at

Posted by Angela Speer to Chicago Sun-Times Review at August 21, 2013 at 11:16 AM

Sunday, August 18, 2013

CST Messed up its Karen Black Obituary

Karen Black passed away recently and as usual the news media messed things up as shown by the obituary in the August 9th Chicago Sun-Times.  The paper's piece focused on Blacks few major motion picture credits.  As everyone familiar with Black's career knows, it was in made for TV movies and low budget movies that she really shined.

Black starred in such classic flicks as Burnt Offerings, Killer Fish, Killing Heat,  The Hooker Cult Murders & Trilogy of Terror.  To be sure, Black also had her share of turkeys such as Airport 1975, Capricorn One, House of 1000 Corpses, Invaders from Mars & The Day of the Locust.

Karen Black most definitely will be missed.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The "Sports Final" Fraud

If you look at page 58 of the August 14th 2013  CST, you will find that of the 30 teams in Major League Baseball, fully 24 including the White Sox have asterisks by their names.  The notation for these asterisks read, "late games not included."

This is most interesting since this issue of the CST has the label "Sports Final" on its front page.  Traditionally, Sports Final has always meant that the paper will not be issued until such time as all the games for at least the Chicago teams are finished and the results are reported on and the standings are correct.  However,  the CST has for years called editions that do not meet this standard either Sports Final of even more misleadingly, Late Sports Finals.

For the CST to call editions that do not have the latest scores for at least all of the Chicago teams a Sports Final is nothing short of fraudulent and shameful.

Raise Your Hand

Raise Your Hand is an organization that the Chicago Sun-Times's alleged education reporter Lauren Fitzpatrick sometimes mentions in her barely disguised propaganda pro-Mayor Rahm pieces.  In her latest effort, she describes RYH as being a "parent group."  If you look at the RYH website, you will find to your satisfaction that it offers pro-public school activists a wealth of resources that are needed to fight Rahm's efforts to destroy public education so that rich kids can continue to enjoy unfair advantages over the kids of the poor and the oppressed.

Don't hold your breath waiting for Fitzpatrick to start reporting objectively on public education in Chicago. She knows full well that its only a matter of tuime until the CST folds and when that happens, she will want Friends in High Places to provide her with economic succor.

Lauren Fitzpatrick is truly a Monica Lewinsky for our times.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Paul Stepan Whitewash

The duplicitous duo of Maureen O'Donnell & Fran Spielman have struck again.  In their obituary of the evil shyster politico Paul Stepan that appeared in the August 13th CST, the scumbag was portrayed in such a way that you would never guess that he figured in almost every major scandal involving Democrats.  Stepan himself was such a fixer that he escaped from reaping his just desserts.

Paul Stepan was the absolute scum of the earth, period no matter what nonsense his journalistic enablers will tell you.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Chicago Sun-Times Steps Up to the Plate By Picking Up Free Agent Hub Arkush

The CST has been adding to its already outstanding Sports coverage lately.  Its most spectacular addition is that of legendary writer Hub Arkush.  Arkush is best known as the Editor/Publisher of the late, lamented Pro Football Weekly.  While it is true that the reason's for PFW's demise reveal Arkush as being a poor businessman, his brain and heart are still committed to superior sports coverage as shown by his work on WSCR 670 AM Chicago.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Rick Morrissey's Finest Hour

IN the August 6th CST Rick Morrissey delivered a smack down for the ages upon disgraced Yankees player Alex Rodriguez.  Morrissey compared A-Rod to such other losers as "Lindsay Lohan.  Or Justin Bieber who looks like a train wreck in its early stages."  Also from Morrissey, "  A-Rod is not normal, grounded or innocent."

All this goodness and much more from a columnist who all too often comes across as being some sort of print troll.

Will wonders never cease?

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Richard Roeper Nailed the Lone Ranger

Richard Roeper is not one of the elite film critics around.  Hell, he is not even all that much of a movie reviewer.  However, in the case of the 2013 abomination "The Lone Ranger" he nailed it right on the head when he wrote that it is a "big mess" and a "train wreck."

Francine Knowles Covers Up for ObamaCare

In the August 3rd CST Francine Knowles wrote about the slow job growth without explaining the real reason for the economic malaise.  Under ObamaCare, 30 hours is considered full time employment if you are an employee who is considered as being full time, then your employer will be completely screwed once ObamaCare fully kicks in.  For instance, if a company employed 30 40 hour workers, it is now becoming a 40 30 hour workers firm.  This accounts for the anemic job growth and pathetic economic growth and the rise of part time jobs.

Indcredibly, Knowles wrote that in just July alone, length of average work week slipped 1/10th of an hour to 34.4 hours without explaining the reasons why.