Monday, June 24, 2013

The Chicago Sun-Times and its Pathetic Newspaper Unions

There is an alleged sports media expert named Paul Banks who, in collusion with the newspaper unions, attempted to instigate trouble for the Chicago Blackhawks  Saturday night.  As it happens, the Chairman of the Blackhawks, Rocky Wirtz, is a part owner of the Sun-Times.  The idea was that by having "mobilizers" harass hockey fans, then pressure could be placed on Wirtz to accede to the union's demands.

Well, it did not work.  The mobilizers failed to show up and the fans were able to enjoy a hockey outing without interference from the big bosses of the big labor unions.

The little guys finally won one!

Chris Fusco Missing from Facebook

The alleged "investigative reporter" Chris Fusco of the laughably misnamed "Watchdogs" team at the CST was for a long time the holder of his very own Facebook page.  Now, his FB page  has suddenly disappeared. One wonders if his tenure at the CST is heading for an untimely end.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

What's the Point?

Nowadays, practically every CST writer has email addresses and/or Twitter handle by their name.  However, in the experiences of all too many readers, messages sent to the writers are never acknowledged let alone replied to.  Why is this?  What is the point of putting up these addresses/handles if the writers refuse to communicate with the readers who take the time to contact them?

Friday, June 21, 2013

Lori Rackl on Her Way Out as TV "Critic"?

In yesterday's CST, the responsibility for writing up the life and career of actor James Gandolfini fell to Film Critic Richard Roeper.  This despite the fact that Gandolfini was primarily a TV actor and not in prominent roles in too many films.  This was reflected in Roeper's confning Gandolfini's film career to but one paragraph.

Perhaps not so coincidentally, the alleged TV "Critic" for the CST, Lori Rackl, has been missing from the CST.  While in the past her column had run as often as four times a week, lately it has been not much more than once a week.  Her only offering this week was this Politically Correct takedown of Lifetime's new  "Devious Maids"series.

It is not much of a secret that the CST is disatisified with Roeper's performance especially in retaining movie buff readers in the wake of Roger Ebert's death. Perhaps Roeper's Gandolfini write up is a harbinger of Roeper being moved over to the TV Critic spot with a new movie reviewer being brought in.  As for Rackl, her days appear numbered.

If so, that would be further evidence that the CST management is clueless as ever.   Rackl had been an outstanding, not to mention award winning,  health/medical straight news reporter before the CST moved her over to a travel writing spot in 2007.  Rackl excelled as a travel writer, eventually moving up to become Travel Editor.  Then in 2011, she was moved to TV Critic despite having zero background in that area.  That she has not especially well in the TV reviewing role is what happens when you take a fish out of water and just let it flop around.  The CST would be better off if Rackl was restored to either  some sort of straight news reporting spot or be restored to the travel writing gig.

However, given  recent history,  if Rackl is finally removed from the TV position the most likely outcome is that she will likely be placed in yet another positon for which she is not well suited for or just simply downsized altogether.

Such is life at the CST these days.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dump Mona Charen

In one of its worst decisions as of late, the CST dumped libertarian columnist  Jacob Sullum in favor of cheap GOP party line hack Mona Charen.  Just how bad is Charen?  Well,  Charen trashed President Obama for his NSA telephone monitoring.  This is most interesting in light of the fact that blogger Debbie Schlussel  has pointed out that Obama's NSA telephone operation was/is far less invasive than George W. Bush's wiretapping.

As it happens, Charen like the Drudge Report, Rush Limbaugh the Tea Party and countless other hypocrites had no problem whatsoever supporting Bush's program.  And yet they pretend to believe that Obama's program is a basic threat to American civil liberties.

Mona Charen is both a fraud and a partisan hypocrite.  As such, she has no business being on the CST opinion pages.  That being the case, the CST should drop Charen in favor of either bringing Sullum back or make arrangements with Schlussel to write a regular column exclusively for the CST.  Given Schlussel's trademark honesty and principles, this might be the best option for the CST to pursue.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Thinly Veiled Editorializing

Today the CST, in its national/international news page, ran a thinly veiled editorial claiming that the House GOP has only ulterior motives in addressing abortion.  The CST labeled it "anti-abortion" and claimed, without any substantiation, that it was done solely to shore up incumbent protection in the 2014 GOP primaries.

Apparently, the CST with its top-heavy Democrat staff failed to even consider the possibility that the reason why the GOP took this action was because they actually believe in the pro-life cause.

And So it Has Come to This

Time was, the CST excelled in local coverage.  Not any more.  Consider this report by Alisa Hauser of DNAinfo Chicago:

The CST has utterly failed to report on this or any of the other Blockbusters closings.  Ditto for KMart, Sears etc.  If the CST finally goes kaput, then this will be one of the big reasons why.

DNAinfo Scoops CST's Lori Rackl

On June 3rd, Justin Breen  of DNAinfo reported on Chicago's Best host Ted Brunson's  resigination. Brunson's report was both thorough and concise. Ever since then, the alleged "TV Critic" for the CST,  Lori Rackl,  has failed to write about this development,  Why does the CST persist in having its own TV writer when there are so many syndicated TV writers out there who do a much better job of covering TV and do so at a lower cost to the paper?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday's Tidbit

The CST has once again run a drivel 4 page insert bragging about how high its circulation is.  Given the CST's history of circulation inflating scandals, its likely that there is one last scandal waiting to be exposed before the CST finally expires.  Its also worth noting that although Rocky Wirtz claims to have nothing to do with the CST's operations, the CST's Grid thingy always seems to run Rocky's ugly mug in its advertisements along with the goody-goody CST Blackhawks coverage.

Where's Jay Mariotti now when we really need him?

DNAinfo Beats the CST Once Again>>gurt-s


Once again, the upstart DNAinfo has gotten the scoop on the Sun-Times.  And there are many instances of the web-based outfit beating the CST out for the story of what's really happening out in Chicago's neighborhoods.  

Monday, June 17, 2013

DNAinfo Running the CST Ragged

Almost two weeks ago, Wendell Hutson of DNAinfo made a significant report regarding Tio Hardiman and the significant community support that he was gaining over the flap that occurred from his being removed from CeaseFire.  To this very day, the CST has utterly failed to bring any of this info to the attention of is readers.  Instead, it is more interesting in perverting the news to slant it to aid and abet its lover boy Rahm.

Mr. Hutson's report is found here:

Mr. Hutson's info rich Twitter feed:  @DNAHutson

Sunday, June 16, 2013

More on Boilermaker's Union Thuggery

Here are some source materials that Maureen O'Donnell's whitewash of the infamous Mafia puppet thug Michael Wood from the June 16th CST left out:

Boilermakers for a small-d Democratic Union:

Union Dissident's Testimony on Union Corruption:

Constuction Trade Union Corruption:

Labor Links for Fighting Union Corruption:

Herman Benson on Worker's Lawsuit Against Boilermaker's Union Corruption:

Fraudulent Boilermaker's Union Boss Obituary

     If all you knew about ex-Boilermaker's union boss Michael Wood was the guff from Maureen O'Donnell's write up about him, you would never suspect that this particular union was/is under Mafia domination or that Woods himself was a big time crook.  Wood himself was a thug who led a gang of other thugs who beat up on union dissidents and whistle blowers.

     O'Donnell would have you believe that Wood was some sort of civil rights supporter because he allegedly hired a single black secretary.  In reality, the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers was/is one of the worst unions when it comes to control of the union shop environment to keep blacks out of the workplace.  Wood was a real piece of work.

     O'Donnell is just another CST hack writer, but this is low even by her standards.