Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fraudulent Boilermaker's Union Boss Obituary

     If all you knew about ex-Boilermaker's union boss Michael Wood was the guff from Maureen O'Donnell's write up about him, you would never suspect that this particular union was/is under Mafia domination or that Woods himself was a big time crook.  Wood himself was a thug who led a gang of other thugs who beat up on union dissidents and whistle blowers.

     O'Donnell would have you believe that Wood was some sort of civil rights supporter because he allegedly hired a single black secretary.  In reality, the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers was/is one of the worst unions when it comes to control of the union shop environment to keep blacks out of the workplace.  Wood was a real piece of work.

     O'Donnell is just another CST hack writer, but this is low even by her standards.

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