Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dump Mona Charen

In one of its worst decisions as of late, the CST dumped libertarian columnist  Jacob Sullum in favor of cheap GOP party line hack Mona Charen.  Just how bad is Charen?  Well,  Charen trashed President Obama for his NSA telephone monitoring.  This is most interesting in light of the fact that blogger Debbie Schlussel  has pointed out that Obama's NSA telephone operation was/is far less invasive than George W. Bush's wiretapping.

As it happens, Charen like the Drudge Report, Rush Limbaugh the Tea Party and countless other hypocrites had no problem whatsoever supporting Bush's program.  And yet they pretend to believe that Obama's program is a basic threat to American civil liberties.

Mona Charen is both a fraud and a partisan hypocrite.  As such, she has no business being on the CST opinion pages.  That being the case, the CST should drop Charen in favor of either bringing Sullum back or make arrangements with Schlussel to write a regular column exclusively for the CST.  Given Schlussel's trademark honesty and principles, this might be the best option for the CST to pursue.


  1. Yes, I too have a very big problem with Mona Charen. She recently wrote a very bad article on her visit too Scotland. In this article she painted Scotland and the people of Scotland in a very bad and unfair way. There is a lot taking place in Scotland right now as they work towards regaining their Independence from Great Britain. Clearly, she is very unaware of the issues the Scottish people are facing in trying to regain their Independence. I am an American Scot who is very aware of the issues at hand there in Scotland taking place over the Independence campaign.

    Yesterday, I wrote the Chicago Sun Times about my feelings on Miss. Charen's article and about the matters Scotland is facing regarding the Independence campaign. I also told them who I was too Scotland as a American Scot. I am from one of Scotland's oldest Clan families. In a Independent Scotland I would technically be a Clan Princess to the House of Langton. My last name is Cogburn/ Cockburn. My great, great grandfather changed the name from Cockburn to Cogburn.

    Now, there is a lot taking place in Scotland at this moment in time. They need American support. I as an American who belongs to this important family has been doing my level best to get the information Scotland has given me regarding the Independence campaign into the American media. I hope the Chicago Sun Times will read the letter I sent them yesterday about how wrong and in distaste Miss. Charen's article was written in. I am in hope that they will take the time to talk too me a person who is much more informed about Scotland and the issues Scotland is facing. If, they for not. I am determined to find someone who will listen

    Angela Marie Cogburn

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