Saturday, August 31, 2013

CST Will Likely Gloat over Tebow's NFL Career Ending While NFL Continues Loading up on Hardened Criminals

If there is one thing that has been consistent over the CST's sports pages its the overwhelming hatred of Tim Tebow.  Tebow, you see, is a good Christian and, according to the sports writers, that's a bad thing.  No, only criminals should be allowed to play pro sports while the sportswriters wring their hands and pretend that they are bothered by all the steroids use going on.  Come Sunday and later on, there will be gloating over Tebow's demise by the likes of Hub Arkush & the 2 Ricks.

Meanwhile, there will be sadness amongst those who still cling to the belief that pro sports players ought to be role models for the youth of America.

The best comment from a sports website on the demise of Tebow's NFL career:

"It's too bad there seems to be no place in pro football for Tebow. We are too busy signing thugs steroid users and murderers. Pro sports has lost it's character."

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