Sunday, August 4, 2013

Francine Knowles Covers Up for ObamaCare

In the August 3rd CST Francine Knowles wrote about the slow job growth without explaining the real reason for the economic malaise.  Under ObamaCare, 30 hours is considered full time employment if you are an employee who is considered as being full time, then your employer will be completely screwed once ObamaCare fully kicks in.  For instance, if a company employed 30 40 hour workers, it is now becoming a 40 30 hour workers firm.  This accounts for the anemic job growth and pathetic economic growth and the rise of part time jobs.

Indcredibly, Knowles wrote that in just July alone, length of average work week slipped 1/10th of an hour to 34.4 hours without explaining the reasons why.

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