Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The "Sports Final" Fraud

If you look at page 58 of the August 14th 2013  CST, you will find that of the 30 teams in Major League Baseball, fully 24 including the White Sox have asterisks by their names.  The notation for these asterisks read, "late games not included."

This is most interesting since this issue of the CST has the label "Sports Final" on its front page.  Traditionally, Sports Final has always meant that the paper will not be issued until such time as all the games for at least the Chicago teams are finished and the results are reported on and the standings are correct.  However,  the CST has for years called editions that do not meet this standard either Sports Final of even more misleadingly, Late Sports Finals.

For the CST to call editions that do not have the latest scores for at least all of the Chicago teams a Sports Final is nothing short of fraudulent and shameful.

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