Saturday, August 31, 2013

The CST's Predictable Elitist Liberalism

One of the worst, though most persistent, aspects of the CST is its all too predictable elitist Liberalism.  Time and time again, the CST runs biased "news" articles on such subjects as abortion, gun control, homosexuality, stuff making the Chicago Fire & Police departments look bad and other controversial subjects in which the only quoted sources are those that take the positions of the CST Editorial Page.  Dissent from Liberalism is verboten in the CST to the point that even the one and only non-Liberal columnist, Steve Huntley, is careful not to offend any of his Liberal superiors.

One recent example of came in the Aug. 17th issue of the CST in the form of an article by former Fox News producer Jordan Chariton that claimed that the #1 ranked FNC owed its dominance to its following among senile old people.  Chariton claimed that unless FNC moved to the left and became no different than the other news networks, then FNC was doomed to die once those allegedly senile old folks died.

Once again, the CST pushing the notion that only Liberals can be considered intelligent, that all Conservatives are stupid or worse and that only by embracing the left wing, can one hope to have any lasting success.

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