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Hotaru's Resignation from House Forsaken & its Aftermath

Hotaru's Resignation from House Forsaken:

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Posted: Mon Mar 24, 2003 4:46 pm Post subject: House
Forsaken member resignation.

I am officially resigning my status as a member of
House Forsaken. I have met many friends here, but I
must take my leave now.

I've never been really good at being subtle, so I'll
be blunt. I can't stand to be affiliated with a house
that cannot fulfill its own rules. In light of recent
events, this is the first time in my three years of
membership that I have been ashamed of being a member
of this community, and since nothing seems to be in
the works as a solution, I bid you all adieu.

You all know where I am if you ever want to talk.

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Hotaru's resignation from HF was followed up by this by Pinkus aka Krioni, the head of the Browser Based Gaming Realm:

crector and hotaru were actually upducted
from their beds and brainwashed. Thats why they are

As for my "leaving" that did not come about until 5 days later when I was formally expelled from HF under the direct orders of HF's Founder-Leader UsuRpeR who made an incredibly vitriolic post, that among other things, claimed that I was 100 times worse than Hitler. I really wanted remain in HF at least until TDZK would reset when I would form a new alliance and take as many of the HF recruits from SMR & TDZK as I could with me. By the time of my expulsion, I was already talking to many of these recruits such as Bakito, Bink, Chaortis, Desert Fox, Dragonte & Sgili, conversations that would eventually lead to the founding of the Knights of the Galaxy (KOG).

However, the KOG is another story for another time.

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