Monday, September 2, 2013

CST Trashes Labor Unions One Day Before Labor Day

Paul Kersey of the "non-partisan" Illinois Policy Institute is a union-hating hack writer.  Worse, he trashes the freedom to work  movement that upholds the idea that folks should not be forced to join unions against their will by endorsing it.  Kersey makes it clear that he hates working class people and the unions that represent them.  For instance, he makes the baseless assertion that unions were responsible for 760 workers being laid off at Caterpillar.  He conveniently leaves out the facts that Caterpillar has been reaping record profits and its CEO has been rolling in luxury to the tune of $18 Mil. a year.  However, Kersey makes it clear that he believes that it is wrong for the workers whose hard work and sacrifice made it possible for the company to reap such large profits and CEO to live in such luxurious splendor to share in the wealth themselves.  Kersey believes that blue collar workers are all scum who deserve nothing except a kick in the head and to be looked down and spit upon.

And yet the Chicago Sun-Times pollutes its ages by giving this jackass a soapbox to expound his anti-working class hatred.

Shame on the CST.

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