Monday, September 9, 2013

CST Whitewashed Frederik Pohl Obituary

When the cheap hack sci-fi writer Frederik Pohl passed away last September 2 2013, hardly any science fiction fans mourned his passing.  Those who knew Pohl were well aware of just what a hyprocrite he was. For instance, he claimed to be against racism, yet he was deeply prejudicial against nonwhite people.  He never knowingly accepted the work of anyone who was not white.  The one and only time he accepted the work of a black person, Samuel R. Delaney, came when Delaney was unknown and Pohl accepted the man's fiction, not realizing that it was by a black man.  Pohl never made that mistake again, insisting that all those who submitted work include a photograph of themselves.  Pohl claimed that this was so he could gaze into the sriter's "soul," but everyone who knew him knew otherwise.

The CST called Pohl a "progressive" which is how elitist Liberals like to style themselves nowadays.  Pohl was an elitist shoe claimed to be open minded, yet was as deeply prejudicial, if not more so, than any of those "reactionaries" that he claimed to despise.

Frederik Pohl will not be missed.

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