Thursday, September 5, 2013

The CST's Trashing of John Philbin

Truly the CST's hatred of labor unions knows no bounds.  Earlier this year, the CST hailed the late Michael Wood of the Mafia-controlled Boilermaker's Union as being a "union president," despite the fact that he was the scum of the earth..  In the Ausust 11, 2013 issue of the CST, hapless hack writer Casey Toner trashed the late John Philbin of the Chicago Mailer's Union as being a "union boss."  This despite the complete lack of evidence linking Philbin to nay kind of corruption or to any sort of Mafia ties.  You see, Philbin represented employees of the CST and the CST big shots resented him for that and literally could not wait for him to be buries before they could trash him.

Shane ib the CST and clueless hack writer Casey Toner.

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